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    Thank you for stopping by to check out the adventures we share with our clients and for a look into the adventures we seek out with friends and family. We feel so blessed to be able to do what we love and for the amazing support of our family, friends, and clients, this wouldn't be possible with out you!

Hello World, Meet Vivian! Newborn Photos Of the Cutest Bumble Bee Ever!

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing The Hendricks family twice now and I’ve had such a fun time working with them and it’s always so exciting to meet a family’s new addition!  My favorite part of this shoot other than playing Thomas The Tank Engine with Walter, was photographing baby Vivian in a hand made blanket made by her great grandmother, Ima.  What an honor being chosen to capture such an amazing time in a family’s life!  It seems like such a small thing, having your photo taken.  What you don’t often think about it later in life, the passing around of family photographs and the sharing of stories and memories.  This is something my own family loves to do and I have many fond memories of watching slides on the projector with my grandparents of past generations gone by.  Such a simple thing with lasting impact!  I’m feeling so grateful today for having what I think, is the best job in the world!

Snowy Winter Engagement Session In Breckenridge

So I’m not a huge fan of cold, unless it is ski season.  Then I can manage.  So when Amanda and Greg told me they wanted to do their engagement session in Breckenridge in January I was thrilled.  What photographer doesn’t love an overcast day in a perfect mountain town with fluffy snow flakes everywhere!  What I didn’t count on was the -2 degree weather with gusts of winds that could cut right through you.  We even had to take breaks to let out fingers and my cameras thaw out!  Still I think it was worth it and anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE including a puppy in the fun and what a cute puppy this one was!  Don’t worry, he was only outside for a couple of mins!  So in honor of the massive snow storm that is working it’s way over our snowy little mountain towns as we speak here are some winter images that are sure to warm your heart!

A Summer Wedding at The Della Terra in Estes Park – Roya and Clayton

I do have to admit that green is not my favorite color, even though I ended up buying a green house with a green master bath.  Don’t get me started on how that happened!  But over the last few years it is growing on me.  Little by little, I’ve begun to accept green in small amounts.  So when I see green listed as one of the wedding colors on my wedding questionnaire I still have some reservations, but this wedding was a another turning point in this complicated relationship of mine.  I really enjoyed all of the custom green details in this stunning wedding at the Della Terra in Estes Park!  From the hair pieces to the shoes, the centerpieces to the beautiful custom ring box, I was in love.  To all brides out there that are considering green as one of their color options, this is a great way to do it.  Some colors can be tricky to use, but the beauty of doing it right and using colors in unexpected ways is a great way to put a personal and touch on your wedding day!


Aspen Engagement Session – Rebecca and Travis

Aspen is one of my favorite places in the state, so when Rebecca told me she wanted to do her engagement photos by her parents house in Carbondale I was thrilled.  It meant I got to take a little road trip on a Sunday afternoon, listening to all my favorite music, and taking in the amazing views our state has to offer.  Before this I had only chatted with Rebecca over Skype, as she is living in Seattle.  It was great finally getting to meet face to face and to meet her super sweet hubby to be, Travis.  So we wandered around her neighborhood, starting our journey in the backyard, (I would kill for a view like that).  Then on to the local park that hosts a cute historic barn, then off to a more modern day barn on the golf course.  All in all it was a perfect afternoon, clouds threatened us with rain, but never made good on that threat.  So we enjoyed our afternoon of bubble fights and fantastic views all around!  Congrats to Rebecca and Travis, we are so excited for your wedding next fall at The Little Nell in Aspen!

Cute Denver Engagement Session – Benny and Thanh

I’ve come to love the rain this month, I guess I’ve had to with the almost daily storms.  We did Benny and Thanh’s engagement session on one of their favorite running trails.  With a spot this beautiful it made almost want to take up running, almost…  Just as we arrived the rain picked up and we waited out the storm in our cars.  Afterward everything was perfect, the light, the sky, and in the short amount light left to the day we had an engagement session.  So yes, I’ve learned to love the rain and engagement sessions with it are pure perfection.

On another note, I love how laid back and relaxed these two are and  Thanh’s idea to do some of the photos on their bike turned out SO very cute!  Gotta love a couple who can just relax, role with the weather, and be themselves.  Happy Wednesday everyone and here’s to no rain in the forecast for the next few days!